1. Guardian System

a) Guardian Items:

  • You can recieve Guardian items for create Pet from NPC "Moss" who is located in Elbeland or you can hunt these items from bosses. 

b) Description of Guardian Items:

  • The Ghost Horse can be used from level 800, Ice Dragon from level 900 and Lion from 1000 level onwards.
  • The Guardian is equipped from inventory.
  • The Guardian Items has durability.
  • The Guardian has a Normal Items option or option elite endurance.

c) Create and strengthen Guardian Items:

  • You can create Guardian Items through the NPC "Trainer" located in Lorencia (122, 110).
  • You can rise up the Guardian Items to +15

2. Creation and Improved Guardian Items

a) Combination (Dark Horse and Dark Spirit):

  • Soul of Dark Horse
  • Soul of Dark Spirit

b) Combination (Ghost Horse):

  • 10x Sculpture
  • Seal of Dark Horse

c) Improvement Process of Items Guardian:

  • Guardian Enhanced Stone (from "Moss" NPC or from drop Elite monster)
  • Jewel of Life

d) Combination (Ice Dragon, Pierce Lion):

  • Ghost Horse or Ice Dragon +11~+15 (60 - 100%)
  • Ice Dragon Seal or Pierce Lion Seal (from "Priest James" NPC)
  • Jewels

3. Change the Guardian Options Items

  • You can only change the Elite options Items from the Guardian NPC "Trainer" in the Guardian Change Options.
  • Is required to have the option of Elite Guardian Items to try to change or get a similar option.

4. Basic Information

  1. The Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon and Pierce Lion is a Pet.
  2. The Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon and Pierce Lion can not be used simultaneously with other pet as join and Dinorant.
  3. However, it can be used simultaneously with the Dark Spirit.

a) General Options:

  • The Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon and Pierce Lion can get from 3 options randomly.



 Option 1

 Increase Defense Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level)

 Option 2

 Increase Damage / Wizardry Damage / Curse Damage Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level) 

 Option 3 

 Increase Defense Elemental

 Increase Damage Elemental

b) Elite Options:
- The Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon and Pierce Lion can get 2 options Elite randomly.

 Options / Item


 Type 1 (Fire)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Attack Reduction Resistance

 Type 2 (Water)

 Poisoning Damage Resistance

 Attack Reduction Resistance

 Type 3 (Earth)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Attack Speed Reduction Resistance

 Type 4 (Wind)

 Poisoning Damage Resistance

 Defense Reduction Resistance

 Type 5 (Darkness)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Defense Reduction Resistance


5. Pet Guardian Upgrade

Guardian Item Creation

Name               Rate        Money  
Dark Raven50%1 mil
Dark Horse50%5 mil
Ghost Horse100%1 mil


      Guardian Item Level Up
Level    Rate     Enhanced Stone 
1170%1 (Elite)
1270%2 (Elite)
1370%3 (Elite)
1470%4 (Elite)
1570%5 (Elite)


      Guardian Item Upgrade
Level   Rate              Result
1160%Ice Dragon / Lion
1270%Ice Dragon / Lion
1380%Ice Dragon / Lion 
1490%Ice Dragon / Lion
15100%Ice Dragon / Lion
Posted 22.02.2022