Undine [Lorencia] [x10 Monsters] [8 Times per Day]
Muun Egg (Evolved)

Cursed Salamander [Acheron-Debenter] [x10 Monsters] [8 Times per Day]
Greater Spirit Stone x1
Jewel of Bless x5
Jewel of Soul x5
Jewel of Harmony x5 
Third Wing Box 
Steel of Heaven
Ancient Hero's Soul
Talisman Of Luck 1%
Elemental Talisman Of Luck 10%
Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly

Cursed Sylphid [Acheron-Uruk] [x10 Monsters] [8 Times per Day]
Ruud 1500 per Monster (5500 For Anubis)

Cursed Gnome [Acheron-Ubaid] [x10 Monsters] [8 Times per Day]
Ruud 1500 per Monster (5500 For Anubis)

Cursed Hellraiser [Acheron-Nars] [x5 Monsters] [4 Times per Day]
Seed Capsule x1

Gorgon [Deep Dungeon 5] [x5 Monsters] [4 Times per Day]
Elemental Capsule x1 (See DropList for Elemental Capsule Drop)

Darion & Thanos [x1 Drop][BattleGround][Server 1][6 Times per Day, 3 Each]
Ruud Box 50.000
Mysterious Stone
Elemental Capsule(Normal) x10
Miracle Coin x15
Golden Sentence x25
Elemental Rune x30
Antonias Sword 
Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra
Errtel of Radiance
Garuda's Feather
Wings of Angel & Devil
Wings of Conqueror
Wings of Power
Jewel of Luck
Jewel of Kondar
Jewel of Kundun
Red Fenrir
Gold Fenrir

Posted 22.04.2022