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Problems running the game?

  • Common Player Problems
  • Game language problem , square texts [][][]
  • Windows does not allow you to install the game
  • Game Installer Error
  • Game Launcher Error
  • Game Random Crashes
  • Other Game Issues
  • Solution
  • Navigate to our game client installation folder, enter Fix Square Texts folder, right click ARIALUNI file and click install. Restart the Game.
  • Run the installer and click "Read More", then click Run Anyway.
  • Download our game client in zip format from mirror #4-5.
  • Install the game to your windows desktop and exclude our game launcher from anti-virus detection.
  • Run the game as administrator. If problem insist, install the game on your windows desktop and run the game as administrator.
  • Contact us through Email, Support Ticket, Discord or Facebook.